Today cyberattacks constitute one of the greatest threats to companies, putting not only our data but also the company's own activity at risk every day. Large communication companies have been the victims of attacks to hijack your data through internal security flaws (phishing).

At Setesca we are not only specialists in cybersecurity solutions, we are aware of the
  The importance of investing sufficiently and correctly in the IT department of the company, as well as having IT professionals of great capacity and excellence, offering the solution that your company needs, whatever it may be.


We offer you the complete solution for the security of your company:

- Security and vulnerability diagnostics, both remote and  in-situ.

- Definition of security architecture and implementation of the latest cybersecurity solutions.

- Outsourced management of your company's security.

- Highly qualified personnel in cybersecurity either through selection or interim management.

Diagnostics  of security

Performing security diagnostics in companies is essential to evaluate our protection against the latest trends and attack methods. This type of report assesses the deficiencies of existing security measures and is the first step in minimizing the effects of a cyber attack. Security diagnostics detect existing security vulnerabilities in the system, assess the impact of the attack on these vulnerabilities, and inform the appropriate measures to take or proposals for improvement.

This test suite employs diagnostic tools to efficiently expose issues, implements manual diagnostics to diagnose websites or web applications with potential vulnerabilities that are often prone to attack. When conducting diagnostic tests, we measure the way they are used by authorized users while verifying the behavior of the same. Another part of this diagnosis consists of pretending to be an attacker who sends illegal requests to review changes in the response of a system, detect vulnerabilities and propose measures to address them.

Network security diagnostics

This diagnostic efficiently analyzes and evaluates services and known vulnerabilities on servers and network equipment through the use of port scans, vulnerability scans, and other diagnostic tools. In addition, manual diagnostics are run so that experts can manually inspect problems detected by tool diagnostics, as well as problems that the tools themselves cannot detect and propose measures to combat both types.


Network Security Diagnostics anticipates attacks from various network environments (including IPv4, IPv6, Wireless LAN, Internet, private network, servers, and clients) and from the attacker's perspective to identify strengths and vulnerabilities in the server, device client and / or network. After a thorough analysis of the system, a security strategy plan adapted to your business is created. The report resulting from the security diagnosis gives visibility to the priority security problems and the measures to be implemented urgently.



At Setesca we currently carry out two types of security diagnosis: Remote Diagnosis or On-site Diagnosis carried out at the client's office (including the data center and other facilities).


Example of results identified in a safety diagnosis:


Existence of known vulnerabilities for each service (application)

Status of operational services

Possibility of exposing critical company information from advertisements (Phishing)

Check for problems caused​​ due to a bad installation of operating system or software

Possibility of unauthorized access as a system administrator


Security Operations Center (SOC)

The SOC (Security Operations Center) represents the unification of protection under a single solution. A SOC system monitors the company's data traffic 24/365 detecting vulnerabilities or unauthorized access in real time. A SOC system recognizes when an alarm is a real alarm.

Simply having the patches of the computer systems updated on time could block 80% of the weaknesses detected in most organizations. These patches are the basis of efficient protection, but it is very difficult to have systems always 100% updated, that is why the best and most expensive software on the market is useless if it is not updated regularly.

This is the reason for the SOC systems, configured and managed by highly qualified Setesca professionals who analyze weaknesses, alert fatigue, lack of visibility of vulnerabilities that manage and react to cybersecurity alerts in real time, 24 hours a day. hours of the day 265 days of the year.



At Setesca we are distributors of the CloudJacketX solution, a managed security solution developed to cover the main weaknesses of IT teams, such as alert fatigue, lack of resources and lack of visibility of vulnerabilities. The CloudJacketX solution detects and responds to ongoing cybersecurity threats, protects against data breaches by leveraging multi-layered Cloud technology and highly trained security experts who monitor your network 24 hours a day and in real time.

Cybersecurity has become an important topic to discuss on all corporate boards of directors. The protection of your network has changed due to the introduction of mobile devices and the options for remote use 24 hours a day.
Decision makers are often forced to prioritize business needs, putting business data at risk. It is impossible to avoid the appearance of continuous alerts living with day-to-day operations, competing for the attention of the team, consuming resources that involve a high cost of highly trained personnel, hardware and maintenance can be expensive and difficult to budget.

It may take a hacker a few seconds to compromise a network and a few minutes to start extracting data. However, according to the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Report, 56% of breaches took months or longer to discover. Having a multi-layered, proactive, online security system, like CloudJacketX, is the effective way to protect your data.

El análisis de los mercados

Interim managemt - Outsourcing

Remember also that Setesca is a specialist in Interim Management IT.  

The concept of Interim manager within IT departments identifies professionals with extensive experience in IT management and management who are incorporated externally to a company to carry out a very specific executive mission for a specified period of time and with previously defined objectives. .

It is the way to be able to incorporate professionals of an excellent level to the company for a specific project or on an interim basis without having to make temporary contracts.

The temporary link only during the realization of the project implies a lower cost for the company.  Interim Management allows companies that do not have sufficient resources to hire high-capacity professionals for a certain project or period of time.

This type of work by objectives entails great productivity, commitment and involvement on the part of the person who performs the tasks of Interim Manager. It also offers great speed in start-up and flexibility, obtaining results from the first moment thanks to professional experience.

Case of success


The Barcelona Bar Association trusts Setesca, an ICT consultancy specialized in increasing the value of companies, as a partner in ICT security. The institution has implemented the solution "in the cloud" Cloudjacket in order to protect its IT infrastructure.


The ICT security of the institution is a very sensitive aspect, due to the amount of information and data it handles. Any security breach can cause serious problems in the development of your services and procedures. For this reason, the selection process has been very rigorous. The Bar Association already had the traditional methods of the best manufacturers. However, the objective was to further ensure the quality of its service and provide the best security to its internal customers. After a trial period, the institution has chosen what is considered the best security system on the market.

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