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Due to the current global situation, Setesca contributes its grain of sand by supporting companies to implement teleworking since many are being forced to implement it very quickly and sometimes with few resources.

This new work formula makes us ask ourselves some questions. How to adapt to this modality? What tools are best suited to my business? How do I protect my data? Etc…

From Setesca we help you make the best decisions so that teleworking is a solution and not a problem.

We first analyze each case to advise the IT tools that best suit each business, taking into account the level of IT security that each type of business or department requires. This includes Web Conference Solutions, Remote Access, VPN, Server Virtualization, Cloud ...

In a second phase, and depending on the type of company, we help you to implement an effective work-by-objectives model in your company and a performance and job performance assessment model that perfectly adapts to your needs.

With our experience in technological projects and in HR we make sure that, using the technology and the team management model that suits you best, you and / or your team can work from outside the office as if you were in it in a simple and economical.

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