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Amb els coupons ACCIÓ to the competitiveness of the company 2022

Millora els processes 
and the technology to the teva company of the mà de Setesca.

Mès informació

If you will benefit from the processes and technology of the companyIt is the moment to see a plan of technological millora of the mà of SETESCA and estalviar-te fins 100%of the projecte amb els coupons ACCIÓ of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

They are about to publish itnew call for ACCIÓ coupons destined to finance digitalization and transformation projects for Industry 4.0. It's the momentdo not miss this opportunity to process your project.

Setesca compta amb consultants assessors accredited pel pla ACCIÓ of the Generalitat de Catalunyai can help you sol·licitar i process the teu projecte amb nosaltres.

What are coupons?

The Industry 4.0 Coupons are intended to grant adjustments for the contracting of innovation services and the implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies to improve the products, services or processes of the company.

It is a direct subsidy that is awarded to companies that hire specialized assessors, accredited by ACCIÓ  (Agència per la competitivitat de l'Empresa de la Generalitat de Catalunya).

Types of coupons:

Diagnostic Coupon:
It subsidizes 100% of a digital diagnostic project (€8,000 in 2021)

This diagnosis included the identification of millora's opportunities to allow the incorporation of new technologies and facilitate the strategic, organizational and cultural change in industry 4.0 with the establishment of transformation plans.


Implementation quota:

Subsidizes projects for the implementation of new technologies (€20,000 in 2021)

Based on a defined digital transformation strategy, this included the assessment in the integration and testing of Industry 4.0 technologies:


IOT, Data Analytics, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Horizontal and Vertical Integration of Systems, Cybersecurity, Advanced Robotics, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Simulation Technologies, Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing or Blockchain.


They include process automation systems (RPA), Business Intelligence and certain systems that facilitate the integration between clients and suppliers, with certain ERP, SGA or TMS software.


How sol·licitar els ajuts?

Deixa'ns teves dades i un assessor credited withSETESCAIt will pose in contact with you and will accompany you in the application process. You must keep in mind that after any pass the subsidy is going to be granted per order of arrival and you agree to have the definite project before the application period is over.

basic conditions

The new company must have more than 2 years of seniority.

Amb menys of 250 workers.

Billing less than 50 million or balance less than 43 million.


Ask for more information about ACCIÓ Coupons and with SETESCA to help make a million
the competitiveness of the teva company ara:

Thank you very much, aviat ens we will be in contact with you
to inform you about ACCIÓ coupons to the company's competitiveness.

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