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IT Consulting



Pop-up tool that attempts to automate administrative tasks performed by humans to improve workflow. RPA is available as a fixed solution or subscription service, with RPA as a service, we will provide ongoing support.



We implement the ERP that suits you best for efficient information management that allows better decision-making and minimizes costs.



To get clients you have to know them, understand their needs, know what they are looking for and prepare your business strategy so that it is as efficient as possible. Our CRM solutions will allow you to direct and manage customer acquisition and loyalty campaigns more easily and effectively.



We are an official partner in Spain of Perbeto: Leader in the drone solutions market     Y

of remote control robots  autonomous for critical infrastructures and industrial sites. We also have anti-drone solutions to prevent unauthorized flights from DeDrone, a world leader in anti-drone solutions.



We help you boost, improve and optimize your sales on the internet. If you need to update, or plan to jump into e-commerce, our services will help you define and improve your goals. Together we will achieve a real growth of your business on the internet,



Setesca is a specialist in risk analysis and management and cybersecurity strategy for companies. Solutions with cloud and hybrid technology based on layers, from CloudJacketX, endpoint solutions, network security, internal cybersecurity audits. Always with the advantage of hybrid technologies in the cloud that make deployment cheaper by not requiring high investment in hardware as well as in software maintenance



We help you with the logistics of your company by using the best warehouse management software solutions. Improve your logistics processes, warehouse management, total stock control, stock levels and thresholds ... save costs and streamline processes by implementing the perfect tool, at Setesca we help you find the right tool for you.




The use of BI in all types of companies is a fact. Improve your business strategies by using BI tools to help you make strategic decisions for the company. Analysis of the market, competitors, suppliers, employees, but also customer acquisition or loyalty through the use of BI technologies.


Augmented (AR)

The possibilities of using augmented reality have grown in recent years in an incredible way. AR technology and its professional application has led to the development of professional tools for use in fields such as logistics, architecture, medicine, security and of course marketing, through the use of immersive technologies for unique experiences. Request information about the use of AI in your company, you will be surprised.


Data analytics 

We help you grow your business with the use of data. The solution to almost everything is in the data itself. The use of AI technology of artificial intelligence allows to identify patterns, prospects and anticipate possible changes or market trends through the use of trend data.

We use technologies such as Watson, powerBI and ML (Machine Learning) to identify the data to take into account in the business strategy.

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