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IT consulting

Maximize the value of your investment in technology with our comprehensive IT consulting services.

Comprehensive solutions for IT executives and their departments: IT consulting services, technical/managerial IT talent search and management, outsourcing, interim management, and training.

With our highly skilled team and cutting-edge technologies, we guarantee excellence in all processes, maximizing the value of your technology investment and achieving increased efficiency and effectiveness in your IT department.

"Setesca has been the perfect partner for the implementation of ERP

and the digitization process of our company."

--Cesar Pena. CEO at Toyota Carretillas Barcelona


We offer specialized services to define and align Information and Communication Technology (ICT) strategies. Our focus is on providing the necessary skills and experiences to optimize your business, saving time and money in the process. We simplify complex projects and ensure the protection of your valuable business data. With our expertise, we will build a strong network and effectively transform your business, always seeking to achieve the best possible results.

In our outsourcing service, we focus on providing peace of mind to your business by effectively managing your IT area. Our approach is focused on adding value to your company through personalized and tailored service to your needs. You will have an expert IT support team available to ensure that your collaboration with us is as productive and beneficial as possible. With our outsourcing service, you can be sure that your business will be in good hands.


At Setesca Talent, we understand that a quality professional not only possesses solid technical skills but must also be highly adaptable to the organizational culture and values of the company.

Our success lies in understanding the needs of human resources and working closely with them to achieve efficient search for the most talented candidates. We work closely to identify the most valuable human capital and ensure successful results.

At Setesca, we have a solid track record in the successful implementation of standard IT solutions, covering areas such as CRM, ERP, RPA, cybersecurity, logistics and warehouse management, e-commerce, and virtual assistants. In addition, we are experts in cutting-edge solutions, providing services for sales force mobilization, augmented reality, IoT, and more. Our focus is on providing our clients with innovative and efficient solutions, tailored to their specific needs, and backed by our extensive knowledge and experience in the field of information technology.


Te presentamos la metodología creada por SETESCA para la implentación de la inteligencia artificial (AI), en la empresa.

Una metodología en cinco pasos para introducir de manera optima la AI en tu empresa.



At Setesca, we excel as experts in cybersecurity solutions and fully understand the importance of making appropriate and strategic investments in the IT department of your company. We are also proud to have highly trained and excellent professionals in the field of information technology. We are committed to providing the precise solution tailored to the particular needs of your organization, no matter what they may be.


AI (Artificial intelligence)

We are experts in developing impact diagnosis models and process improvement and adaptation plans through artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. We also offer training and education in the latest AI technologies. As partners of Omnios, leaders in the development of AI solutions, we are qualified to help integrate AI into your business and take it to the next level. Let us help you harness the full potential of AI to drive your company towards success!

Join LiceoTIC, the impressive ecosystem that brings together the most outstanding CIOs and IT managers, independent of integrators and solutions. Our platform offers rigorous and impartial analysis that contrasts the characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of ICT departments. With more than 600 IT executives trusting us, we have consolidated ourselves as the preferred option for those seeking top-quality information and collaboration in the technological field. Be part of this exclusive community, expand your knowledge, establish valuable connections, and make informed decisions to drive the success of your organization. Join LiceoTIC and discover a world of limitless possibilities.


At Setesca, we specialize in offering Information Technology (IT) training that goes beyond mere knowledge acquisition. Our main objective is to expand existing knowledge and experiences, enabling our students to create lasting effects in their work environment. Through our tools and approaches, we provide practical and directly implementable training, which means that our students can immediately apply what they learn in their day-to-day activities. We firmly believe that by empowering individuals and organizations in this manner, we are helping them bring out the best in themselves, driving their growth and development in the technological field. At Setesca, we not only provide training but also an opportunity to transform the IT landscape and achieve tangible results.


Since 2007 we have been working with the conviction that process improvement and information systems are the means to achieve competitive value for our clients. At Setesca we work hard to provide technology companies with the best tools and solutions to continue growing.


We think like our clients and we know how they need to meet their needs, that is why we seek the most pragmatic, effective and competitive solutions in cost and innovation, to provide maximum added value.


The core of our value proposition is to offer our customers the expert services focused on innovation, and always based on the latest market-trends. Our services are delivered by some of the best professionals out there.

Professionals with extensive experience and high excellence in a specific mission to carry out, to help your company.
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Innovative and complete talent solutions for the transformation of your business​ . Consulting tailored to you.
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Reference training center for professionals related to the world of ICT and innovation.
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Specialists in drone solutions for surveillance, monitoring, audiovisual and anti-drone systems
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The largest ecosystem of CIOs and IT managers independent of integrators and solutions​ .
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