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IT Consulting

At Setesca we are specialists in outsourcing IT services, in the different modalities that exist in the market (managed services, "time and material", closed project, SOC, ...) and at different levels (PMO, outsourced project management, programming, management of systems and infrastructures, etc., for all types of technologies.


We provide peace of mind for your business, offering you a personalized and defined service to be the ideal support for the needs of your organization.


You will have an expert IT support team to ensure that you can make the most of our collaboration.  


By having resources in outsourcing, your company will reduce fixed costs, you will focus on the main activity of the company and you will achieve flexibility to adapt to market changes.


If you have a problem or need with your information systems, Setesca is a guarantee of reliability in computer resources, projects and solutions.  


Our most recurring outsourced services are:

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