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Much more than storage.
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Free webinar
"My experience
with Dropbox "

A free webinar where you can discover the success story of the implementation of the Dropbox solution for companies by David Marcelino and Dropbox

next September 16 at 6pm. via Zoom.

Focus on the work that matters

Do you work with disorganized content, are constantly interrupted and find it difficult to coordinate with your collaborators? There is another way of working, and it is smarter. Dropbox helps you stay organized, stay in sync with your team, and work with the security you need.

I organized

Centralize all your content—traditional files, cloud content, Dropbox Paper docs, and web page hits—in one place to stay organized and work more efficiently.

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Store and access your files from anywhere

Store your files in a single secure space that you can access from your computer, phone or tablet. Make backup copies of your important folders, such as the Desktop folder. This way all your changes will be synced with your account.


Centralize all your content

Create and edit your content, including Microsoft Office and cloud files, right in Dropbox. This way you will spend less time switching applications and searching for the files you need.


Work smarter from your computer

Our desktop app experience includes smart content suggestions that let you work with your team, content, and tools—all from one organized place.

Work smarter from your computer


Businesses large and small do their best with Dropbox. Whether they design shoes, publish magazines or sell houses, we encourage companies around the world to do their best.


With the Professional + eSign package, you can enjoy more storage and easily request or add legally valid electronic signatures without limits on documents stored directly from Dropbox.

You can visit our HelloSign site at thislink.


Dropbox brings files and cloud content together in one place. This way you can have your PowerPoint presentations in the same place as your Google Docs files, Trello boards, and any other files you might need.


To protect your company's data in Dropbox, we offer a secure, distributed infrastructure, as well as visibility and control management tools.

your folders

Electronic signature

with HelloSign

earn on

We invite you to enjoy the webinar again
"My experience with Dropbox for business"

Enjoy again the free webinar that was held last Thursday, September 16.
From the hand of Dropbox and Setesca you will discover the success story of David Marcelino in the implementation of the solution in the company.

A unique opportunity to learn about the main challenges and doubts that implementing such a solution in our company can generate.

And soon a technical workshop will be held to finish clarifying the possible technical doubts of the attendees.

Approximate duration 60 minutes.

Webinar held last September 2021.

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