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IT Consulting

Find everything your IT department needs.

At Setesca, we specialize in IT Consulting, Cybersecurity, AI Solutions, IT Solutions Implementation, and more...

Tools for making smarter and faster decisions

Optimize your company with our self-assessment tools and online consulting services. Discover the digital maturity index and obtain strategic insights to drive the success of your business.

We provide practical and objective knowledge so that you and your executive team can benefit.


Top-tier partners trust us for the distribution of their solutions.

At Setesca, we have a solid track record in the successful implementation of IT solutions. We specialize in implementing both standard and cutting-edge solutions, ranging from digital signature, CRM, and ERP to sales force mobilization and IoT. We distribute market-leading solutions such as Microsoft, Sophos, Dropbox, and Secnap, ensuring seamless and efficient integration. Additionally, we are experts in implementing cybersecurity and artificial intelligence solutions, enhancing productivity and ensuring your company's protection. With an innovative and personalized approach, our highly trained team drives efficiency and innovation in your organization. Trust Setesca to take your company to the next technological level.

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Professional network

Training Center

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Our History

Since 2007, we have worked with the conviction that process improvement and information systems are the means to achieve competitive value for our clients. At Setesca, we work hard to provide technology companies with the best tools and solutions to continue growing.

Vision and Mission

We think like our clients and understand how they need to meet their needs. That's why we seek the most pragmatic, effective, and cost-competitive solutions, incorporating innovation to provide maximum added value.

IT Experts

The core of our value proposition is to offer our clients expert services focused on innovation and always based on the latest market trends. Our services are delivered by some of the top professionals in the market.

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Professionals with extensive experience and high excellence in a specific mission to help your company.
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Innovative and comprehensive talent solutions for your business transformation. Tailored consultancy services.
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Reference training center for professionals in the field of ICT and innovation.
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Specialists in drone solutions for surveillance, monitoring, audiovisual, and anti-drone systems.
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The largest ecosystem of CIOs and IT managers independent of integrators and solutions.​.
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