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IT Information Center

Setesca creates the IT information center so that you can consult the reports created by Setesca itself together with Setesca Talen and LiceoTic.

Setesca Talent is a benchmark in the selection of highly qualified IT profiles with a high level of excellence. The use of a proven methodology for years together with the use of the latest technologies allows us to offer a benchmark service in the market.

LiceoTic is the most important community of CIOs and IT directors in Spanish. The best CIOs and IT managers in the country, belonging to large companies at a national and international level  collaborate to share and learn about the best practices in IT management.

Professionals of high excellence and experience who can add value to companies from technology by sharing ideas and experiences.

If you are a CIO or IT Director and you want to access more content, more extensive reports, webinars and help documents for the CIO, you can request to register with LiceoTIc, it is free.



Study Budgets vs. Billing 2021-22

The objective of the study is to offer information regarding the budget and the number of people in the internal team of the IT department regarding the sector, billing and number of users of the companies in the Spanish market.


Estimated salaries IT profiles

The origin of the data in the report is the more than 1,000 selection processes managed by SETESCA TALENT during the year 2021, taking into account the growth trend for each of the positions.



Best practices in SAP license management &
Microsoft (and other ERP's)

As with any negotiation, vendors often begin by offering software at their fee price and discounting the fee.


ICT Tools 2021/2022

The objective of the study is to know the trends in ICT tools through a benchmarking study, where data is collected from all types of companies and sectors.


ICITEM is the certificate created by Setesca and LiceoTic that accredits managers with a high level of excellence in the management of IT information systems in any type of company.

Backed by Setesca's experience in the selection, management and training of highly qualified CIO/IT Manager profiles for large companies, ICITEM was born.


Given the importance that technology has acquired as a determining factor in competitiveness for any company, they need to have excellent professionals, with high quality and excellence, to lead the IT department.

ICITEM was born as a response to guarantee this level of excellence through a certificate created by leading organizations in the analysis of excellence in IT management (LiceoTic, Setesca and Setesca Talent).

Setesca Talent is a leading company and benchmark in the field of ICT executive selection at an international level, applying the strictest criteria of excellence in selection. Setesca Talent is certified in international profile analysis frameworks such as SFIA.


LICEOTIC is the independent community of CIOs created by Setesca to help IT department managers make the best strategic decisions for the IT department and the company.

Our objective is to enhance the value that IT departments can offer to companies, offering IT managers the possibility of sharing best practices and tools that help them in their goal of an excellent ICT management model comparable to the best techniques. international.
Thanks to our collaboration with the best business schools, our knowledge of the market and current technology, we offer a support service to managers to minimize risks and add value to the business.
Our independent analysis compares the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of the IT department and its strategy in a specific market in a personalized way to discover the best practices and guide the strategy.

LiceoTIC is a platform only accessible to Managers and Directors of information systems.
Members of companies providing computer systems are not accepted. It is also prohibited to use the information that appears in all the channels of the platform to carry out commercial action.

If you are a CIO or IT Director and want to be a member of the community, sign up now, it is free and will allow you to access webinars, complete documents and you will be able to participate in communication forums with the rest of CIOs and IT Directors.


If you want more information about our services or documents you can contact us and we will be happy to help you.


Since 2007 we have been working with the conviction that process improvement and information systems are the means to achieve competitive value for our clients. At Setesca we work hard to provide technology companies with the best tools and solutions to continue growing.


We think like our clients and we know how they need to meet their needs, that is why we seek the most pragmatic, effective and competitive solutions in cost and innovation, to provide maximum added value.


The core of our value proposition is to offer our customers the expert services focused on innovation, and always based on the latest market-trends. Our services are delivered by some of the best professionals out there.

Professionals with extensive experience and high excellence in a specific mission to carry out, to help your company.
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